excerpt from le Monologue d’Adramélech, by Valère Novarina, translated by Amin Erfani


“Adramelech! Now, say the list of everything you lived!” Mouth of Stalingre, I lived, say what came to be of the Man of Stalingre, I lived, de Buffet’s execution, I lived, shadows sprinting, sun sprinting swiftly beside the shadows, I lived, city of Lagoon practitioner, watch him go for the Soap Mountain n’ get it bad, I lived, tin factory for bread and soap, de Buffet soap, soap spurt, Sapoleor, Ontosphere, Sapoleon the Bobidinian Prosecutioner, I lived, slicing garlisaussages, spherehole omnibus, I lived, miscellaneous monuments at the Action Stadium, Saint Vincent the Champ, Man of Bomb, Man of Pocket, Sambre and Protet, Judgment of Saint Sapoleon the Gas, battle of Man of Protet against his sister, miracle of Saint John’s nutrient, I lived, God’s apparition in the demise of Gas, battle of Man of Propet’s sister, I lived, de Buffet and Brandu’s reincarnation, pulmuniary illumination and vision of Hosseus’ hole, I lived, offense of the white pants, John Pipoleon in city of Gas, I lived, Sezeased Child bashes his piton, I lived, man struggles to see from behind, I lived, Man of Protet’s operation, enters Cavalr’s chariot, Talk of the Nation with Mr. President Mush, Generations speech to the guild of pastry-writers, colors of the city of God gassed, I lived, judgments in meat unification, judgments in bread unification, judgment of Sapolee, Sapoleon the pig’s execution, end of the Mishmash Sons, death of Samson Glapi, Tubeam’s execution, I lived, Washington in Waco, I lived, enters the man with the blue head, exits the man with the blond head, commencement of a self-management speech, scenes of those, scenes of the, I lived the scene of the artist choking pierrots, I lived the drama of the ear clogged with sound, being of Alabama, being of Mississippi, being of Atlanta, I lived, investigation of the Klanbeck rally, fall of monument for the deceased choking two pierrots, I lived, that monumat’s depiction, I lived, macabiat’s depiction, I lived, I lived in meat I lived, animal stroller I lived, Patrique Henrie monster of Troy, the monster’s words, counting beholders of action, I lived, tongues of meteen, I lived meat of time, birth of Papuss, prepuce examining excrements I lived, examining the subject’s excrement to determine how he lives, I lived, Laborbledon, I lived troupes of action, examining things reproducing, Serjuice of Alabambadion Meladon, finish at the scare-hole hall, I lived how Papus Brumpy was found crashing the dirt bike, stories’ sequel following Palpus’ demise, I lived Dascare’s holes, Alberta Viged and Blonde’s picture, destruction of port Blanca, I lived, dissecting Pig-Pigeon, entertainment dove, the battle o’ the beast-hole, Napoleobster, mobs of blondes shouting, Uf’s Hole, reinstatement of historical sanctions, Clinker, Firefightery’s execution, mirror buried beneath earth, story of the dead being dead for willing to stand alive, bread-loaves of science, I lived, the man who chopped Rachi’s head, down with Sugar of tyro, tunes from the action masquerade, I lived, President generally assembled’s rutting ends, marches of Peechtree, man struggles to sit, porctics’ rutting ends, election of next president’s countries of selection, Keister-Flaming’s scooter story, I lived I laced myself differently, I lived stages of things lighting up black meat, stadium filled with people, candles on stages lighting up black space, marching men in Shiloh and Baghdad, I lived coming at Pantalard Champion Premier’s pitful ploy, enters Pistaud the pooch, count of actions, Syrupian Tubal’s assassination, I lived animals pantripant hoped to gas, animals conjured up to curtail confetties, I lived things, scene of Clinker’s supper trumpeted on stage, I lived, Patrique Henrie enters life, psychiat experts’ declaration of faith, I lived, battle ring of sound, I lived, Cain of Tube jailed for painting his dog blue, I lived, Clinker’s supper, Carlin’s execution, I lived, Despairing Mamn’s struggle to exit the Worl, equestrian firefighter, I lived, Sapolean Timier, Mount of Vienna, Songs of Vienna, I lived, equestrian dog’s bust and statue, I peeked at the nurse Maximian, I lived underthings’ inscription, I lived horn inventory, I lived Maximilian Child of Time, I lived, I peeked at statues’ feet but ‘twas rubble, I lived, nurse Turban, that gal that bleeds, I lived, that gal that gallops, I lived, numbers, I lived, I lived scene seen through a hole in statues’ feet, Man of Meat’s sufferin’, I lived, Man of Hole I lived, Man of Maximogenes, I lived some time at the carnival on mid-buttocks, I lived surveys of Man of what who says all that, I lived fountains o’ Bambe’s Hole, I lived things and me turn into wood, I lived a procession seen from an airplane turn into the letter u, I lived monuments of trunk when the procession weighs down, I lived one guy play mystirbiological music, I lived no music heard in music and then no more, I lived Spectacular Children behold the birth of the Yummy Hole. You lived plenty. He lived! Then he lifted me up and took me out of life. Blast Aldabradon’s rodomontade o’er the tool.