Doll Factory

(trailer with Laura Peterson, by César Cova)

by Amin Erfani, with Laura Peterson
playing at The Midtown International Theatre Festival.
at WorkShop Theater’s Jewel Box Theater
312 West 36th Street
Fourth Floor East
New York City

A young woman speaks, refusing to take part in social life after the apparent loss of her mother:
“A mouth resembling a pretty spring flower no more, but a wound.”

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“A woman’s mouth with no red: It is a wound.
The disfigurement of a crack in her mid face.
Begging to be mended, immediately.
Sewed up from the edges. Sketched anew with red.

Aren’t you scared, for want of more paint, that your mouth frazzles?
That the scar stretches over your face? Without any warning?
Leaving, instead of a face, nothing else?
But an obscure and amorphous abyss?
Spitting, with no restrain or reserve, words so lunatic and lonesome?

A woman who can’t button up her mouth runs the risk to vomit,
for want of more restrain or reserve: A tongue spoiled.
Words twisted. Rotting, inside her belly, for centuries.
Reeking from the moment they cross her lips.”

Doll Factory – Timber Literary Journal, Volume 6.1, Winter 2016